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The Spirits Workshop Distillery in Christchurch, founded in 2015, is run by four friends who have an unvarnished obsession with distilling. They leapt in boots first to put some whisky in barrels which will age for a few years and now they’ve turned to making other spirits from the same all Canterbury single-malt base made in partnership with Workshops Distillery.

Locally sourced Canterbury malted grain and pure Canterbury artesian water are double distilled through their partner’s handmade copper pot stills. This spirit can be barreled to eventually become whisky or further refined through their own little copper still “Yoyo”, to make the base for their other spirits.

It is what makes up the essence of their craft, embodying the “Grain to Glass” ethos across their range of products.



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Curiosity Gin Recipe #23

Curiosity Gin Recipe #23










YoyoThe four founders Rod, Antony, Bernard and Sam, were all long time employees in New Zealand’s food and beverage industries (mostly the dairy industry).  With their collective experience they also understood the strength of NZ’s provenance in international food and beverage markets. These personal experiences of how powerful NZ’s reputation really is, combined with living for periods of time as expats, really highlighted their desire to showcase more of what NZ could offer on the international stage. They were keen to develop a new business hand crafting and promoting fine artisan spirits made in New Zealand.

In its very first competition entry, Curiosity Gin was awarded a Gold by the jury of the 2017 Monde Selection.