Mississippi River Distilling LogoEstablished in 2010, in LeClaire, Iowa by two brothers who decided to take a chance on a dream. What started as a crazy idea grew into an opportunity to create something that these parts hadn’t seen since prohibition. A chance to create truly home grown, handsome spirits.

Born of the finest grains, harvested just up the hill from the distillery. It’s a spirit born of land and water that draws each of us curiously back to a different era. Made for you, not for the masses.

Their still was handmade by Kothe Distilling Technologies in Eislingen, Germany and it is a remarkable piece of equipment. The best part is that it provides flexibility to make about any distillate. It is a 1,000 litre handmade boiling pot and two tall copper rectificiation columns. The still has been named “Rose”as it has the curves of a beautiful woman. The building was constructed around Rose and can be seen from the street, or from the grand tasting room. It’s a beauty you must behold in person. (next time you are near Iowa!)

“We are bursting at the seams. We’re putting barrels anywhere we can find room,” said Ryan Burchett, who co-owns Mississippi River Distilling Co. with his brother. So, Mississippi River has started work on a 1,400-square-foot expansion that will triple the distillery’s storage capacity. While the storage room — a “big concrete garage” as Burchett describes it — will expand the distillery’s basement, an outside patio will be added to its exterior.

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Mississippi River Distilling River Rose Gin

MR Distilling River Rose Gin

Mississippi River Distilling Cody Road Rye Whiskey

MR Distilling Cody Road Rye Whiskey






Ryan and Garrett Burchett are the owners and distillers at Mississippi River Distilling. All the grain comes from within 25 miles of the distillery. They believe in stewardship of the land and water. They believe in quality above all else. “We hope you’ll appreciate the hard work that each hand signed bottle represents. We hope you’ll share it with some of your friends, then come to LeClaire and say hello so we can show you what makes us so proud about the wonderful place we call home”

The Burchett brothers initially took a short course at Michigan State University to explore distilling. As the business looked more and more like becoming a reality, they spent a few weeks training with a distilling equipment manufacturer’s representative in Chicago and then took a week of intensive training at the Kothe Distilling Technologies facility in Eislingen, Germany.

With that knowledge under their belt, they’re now getting 500 bottles or so from each batch they distill. They could bottle that much each day, “but we need more hands to do that,” Mr. Burchett says. An outside sales person on staff has been helping with distilling more than selling, as demand for their vodka is already far ahead of supply.

Recent Awards:

  • River Rose Gin: Gold Medal 2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
  • Cody Road Rye Whiskey: Bronze Medal 2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition